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Caribbean Sun’s Sunglass Warranty

Caribbean Sun’s Sunglass Warranty

On your search to choose the greatest pair of sunglasses, you may have numerous concerns about longevity, durability, and lens technology. The most vital piece of knowledge is finding the best brand with the strongest warranty.

An exceptional sunglass brand places a premium on warranty. Most warranties last six months to a year, depending on the brand's reputation. Every purchase at Caribbean Sun comes with a 12-month warranty plan that tailors to our customers' needs.

How Long Are Caribbean Sun Sunglasses Made To Last?

How well your sunglasses have been cared for plays a significant role in deciding their longevity. While Caribbean Sun sunglasses are the most robust and technologically advanced on the market today, proper upkeep, such as storing and periodic cleaning, can have a big influence on how long your sunglasses will last.

What Comes With Caribbean Sun’s Warranty Plan?

Anyone who purchases Caribbean Sun Sunglasses through our website is guaranteed that any faulty flaws will be free for a period of twelve months beginning on the day of purchase. For instance, any defects such as:

  • Defective hinges
  • Mounts with deficiencies
  • Pieces of the eyewear that appear missing

Our limited warranty excludes scratched lenses or bent frames, accidental damage, and unofficial repairs brought by the customer. 

Product Registration

Registering your product with us helps to alleviate any annoyance that may arise if something untoward occurs to your favorite pair of sunglasses. Product registration guarantees that your twelve-month warranty, which begins on the day of purchase, is fully activated. Registration can aid in the documentation of any warranty claims, replacement materials, or lenses. To take advantage of any of these benefits, you must first register your product. We will be unable to handle any warranty claims made to us if you do not register your product.

Caribbean Sun Offers Replacement Parts

While we recognize that life occurs to the best of us, we choose to support our clients in consistently having the greatest quality in hand. You shouldn't have to toss away your beloved pair of sunglasses because the lens is cracked or a screw is missing!

Despite the fact that we do not cover broken lenses or illegitimate repairs, Caribbean Sun provides a wealth of replacement parts to sustain your sunglasses in pristine condition wherever you go. Visit our repair page to find out more about what Caribbean Sun has to offer!

Our Mission

Caribbean Sun is an elite polarized sunglasses brand with a mission to enable people all over the globe to realize that they deserve high-quality sunglasses at a reasonable price. We take pride in making high-quality products that can withstand the rigors of daily life.

We believe that by carefully creating our sunglasses, we may give the world a new perspective on things. Because of our great customer service, understanding service, and experience, you can ensure that Caribbean Sun will be there for you every step of the way.

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