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Make Your Favorite Pair of Glasses Last Longer with Caribbean Sun Sunglasses Replacement Lenses

Make Your Favorite Pair of Glasses Last Longer with Caribbean Sun Sunglasses Replacement Lenses

Wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses just isn't the same when the lenses are scratched. If you want to keep enjoying your favorite pair of shades, Caribbean Sun sunglasses replacement lenses will help you keep your sunglasses looking new. 

We understand that life happens, and sometimes when you’re out there catching a giant wave or coasting down the highway in your convertible, your glasses will inevitably get scratched. That’s why we offer our customers high-quality lens replacements for all of our glasses so you can get back to doing what you love in style. 

Don’t Let Scratches Ruin the Party 

We've all had that moment when we have been rocking our favorite pair of sunglasses, only to look down and see a massive scratch across its once perfect surface. Your heart sinks; it truly is the biggest vibe killer when you’re out enjoying life. Well, what if I told you that you could prolong the life of your sunglasses with Caribbean Sun replacement lenses and get back to the party we call life?

Yep, it's true! With our simple process, you can have your favorite pair of glasses fixed and back to you in no time. 

Make Your Favorite Pair of Glasses Last Longer 

Lenses can often be the most expensive part of your glasses. If you can't afford to get them fixed or replaced, your favorite frames may end up in the back of the drawer or garbage. We offer our customers an affordable alternative and will help you keep those favorite frames for longer while also protecting the environment from unnecessary waste. 

Order and Replace Your New Lenses in a Breeze 

A little scratch on your favorite pair of sunglasses can ruin your day. But it doesn't have to. Instead, you can start your day off by filling out our sunglasses repair form and sending us the damaged frames. We'll take care of the rest—and send them right back to you, good as new!  *fees apply

How to Properly Care for Your Glasses 

We get it. You're excited to see the world in a whole new light, and we don't blame you. But if you want to make sure you (and your shades) stay out there for a long time, you need to do a couple of things to keep them in tip-top shape. 

Our premium microfiber cleaning cloth is your best bet for keeping your Caribbean Sun sunglasses clean and dust-free. The protective case will help keep them cool and avoid any potential damage in your bag from other objects. 

Regular tightening of your hinge screws will also help maintain your frame. These simple care tips will let you enjoy the most out of your Caribbean Sun sunglasses for years to come.

See The World in a Whole New Light 

If your favorite sunglasses have seen better days, know that you don't have to let them go just yet. At Caribbean Sun, we offer a wide range of lens replacements for all of our sunglasses and custom prescription lenses at an affordable rate. So, keep your favorite pair of glasses in the rotation a little bit longer. 

A good pair of sunglasses is an investment and should last you many years with proper care. If you already love your frames but can't see through the lenses anymore, send them in today!

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