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What is covered by Caribbean Sun’s Warranty?

Caribbean Sun warrants that purchased product is free from manufacturing defects (in material or workmanship) for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Does my warranty cover scratched lenses?

Caribbean Sun warranty does not cover scratches on sun lenses; damages caused by accidents, abuse, neglect, improper use, or storage of the product; unauthorized modifications or repairs; normal wear and tear as well as any issues connected to the prescription lenses. 

What is considered normal wear and tear?  

We get it, we love our sunglasses too!  Normal wear and tear to us is considered  as; scratches on the lenses and bent frames. Of course, these are only considered typical damages from normal use if they occur while they're in your possession.  For care tips, please visit our care page.

How do I make a warranty claim?

For sunglasses purchased through our website, product registration must be completed to start a warranty claim.  For product registration please click here.  For product which has already been registered, please click here to be taken to our warranty claim form.

What happens after I make a warranty claim?

Once your warranty claim is submitted and reviewed, if your sunglass is applicable for a warranty claim, your product will be replaced with a new one or, if the model is not available anymore, you will be provided with a code to purchase a replacement pair of the same value. 

What happens if my sunglasses are not eligible under a warranty claim?

Not all hope is lost!  There is still a possibility we can process a repair to get your sunglasses back to new!  Please click here to be taken to our repair form.

How long will my sunglasses last?  

Sunglasses should typically last between one to three years; however, the average lifespan of a pair of glasses can vary depending on how well you take care of them.  Proper storage and regular cleaning of your Caribbean Sun sunglasses will help to preserve them.

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